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Max MacKissock, Derek Wolfe, ---, and Blake Edmunds
Max MacKissock, Derek Wolfe, ---, and Blake Edmunds

Super Bowl Champion Derek Wolfe, a defensive lineman for the Denver Broncos for the last five years, was spotted at Bar Dough on Saturday night. Along with his crew, which included a  San Diego Chargers player, the party had the 3x Cheese and Signore Bianco pizza, the bucatini all'amatriciana, springy fava bean toast, beef bacon, lamb shank, and rib eye and then chocolate torte and budino for dessert.  "He doesn't order for himself," Bar Dough owner Juan Padro shared. "I do all of his ordering. He drank tequila," he continued.

On Friday, Wolfe, who does not live in the 'hood, but in Aurora, spent the evening at Highland Tap & Burger where he enjoyed the chicken masala.

Bar Dough

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