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Boulder's Arcana Fires Executive Chef Matt Lackey

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The restaurant has only been open for seven weeks

Matt Lackey
Matt Lackey
Ryan Dearth

Annie and Elliott Toan, owners of the promising American restaurant Arcana, have let executive chef Matt Lackey go from their staff. The duo, who opened the Boulder restaurant in mid-February shared that "differences of opinion" were at the core of the separation. The Toans added that they are "grateful to chef Matt for his creative vision and talent, and for the significant role he played in shaping Arcana and growing its services."

Lackey, who moved to Colorado from Tennessee to open Arcana, confirmed that it was the irreconcilable visions that led to the rift between him and the ownership. "It became obvious that we cannot function as partners longterm," the chef shared. "My commitment to sourcing and a challenging agricultural system, particularly in the winter months, is part of why our visions went into different directions. I wish the team at Arcana the best," the Culinary Institute of America graduate added.

Arcana's sous chefs Rob Meier and Jordan Quidichay have taken over the reins in the kitchen where no menu changes are expected immediately. The restaurant will begin lunch service on April 19.

Lackey, whose resume includes Sean Brock's Husk and McCrady's as well as an executive chef position at Flyte, is still processing the recent events and will take the next two weeks to decide where to cook next.