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The Fare Trade and Kelly Whitaker Partner to Share Products and Recipes

You can buy the basket and get the tips of how to cook Whitaker's signature dishes

Kelly Whitaker
Kelly Whitaker
Courtesy of Cart Driver

Chef Kelly Whitaker of Cart-Driver and Basta has teamed up with The FareTrade to launch a collaborative basket, spotlighting his progressive Mediterranean cuisine through recipe video tutorials and samples of his favorite artisan ingredients in Denver and beyond.

The basket, which can now be purchased, provides the chance to learn how to cook several of Whitaker's signature dishes using unique small-batch ingredients sourced from across the country.

Whitaker's basket features products that include:
· The PB Love Co Classic Creamy Peanut Butter (Denver, CO)
· Ritual Chocolate Mid-Mountain Blend (Park City, UT)
· The Real Dill Sweet Molasses Chips (Denver, CO)
· Zursun Global Grains Black Tie Orzo (Twin Falls, ID)
· Coffee Flour X Origin (Redwood City, CA)

The chef adapted signature recipes to incorporate these products in dishes like the Spring Nicoise with asparagus, sardines and orzo; Wood-fired Coronet with creamy peanut butter; and Short Rib Spiedino with chocolate and espelette. Each recipe is enhanced by a video tutorial featuring Whitaker demonstrating how to master the dish at home for view on The FareTrade website, complemented by additional information about the highlighted ingredients, interviews with the artisans, additional recipes and more content.

Cart Driver

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