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Four Month Old Sushi Ronin Gains Popularity in LoHi

Check out what diners are saying about the new LoHi restaurant online

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Sushi Ronin
Sushi Ronin

The First Restaurant of the YearWestword was quick to share details on the opening of Sushi Ronin, the first new restaurant to open in Denver in 2016. The article not only explained the food menu and decor but also let readers know that the LoHi restaurant offers a wide selection of unique Japanese beers, whiskeys, and sake finish the bar and restaurant's with a touch of classic cool. [Westword]

The Quality News: Online reviewers praise Sushi Ronin's quality fish, sushi, and sashimi selections as well as the decor and the drinks. One reviewer describes her experience as "a blur of sushi excellence and craft cocktails." She sees the Denver spot as on par with eateries in cities like LA and New York and is ready to go back for more.[Yelp]

The Service News: While most guests enjoy their service experience, some point out the occasional inattentiveness. One Facebook reviewer described his first visit to the sushi restaurant as "incredible" and transformative: "I told friends that eating here made me regret every piece of sushi I had before Sushi Ronin." However, upon a returning, lack of staff cohesion soured their experience: "[t]o say that we felt disrespected would be an understatement. The disjointed service, mute sushi chef, and inattentive staff left us confused and disappointed." [Facebook]

The Chef News: 5280 Magazine raved about the intimate omakase meal where chef Corey Baker runs the show. The personal style of dining offers a multitude of ways for the diner to engage in Baker's creations. Speaking to 5280, the chef explained his impromptu style: "I can customize [the meal] to the customer... [t]hings can change at any moment depending on what I can gauge and via information from the servers." [5280]

The Relinquished Control News: The frequent diners of Sushi Ronin find that it is best to give up control of the meal to chef Baker. One reviewer shared that his best experiences "are where you get the tasting menu or just turn it over to the chef. When they are doing their thing it is the best sushi around." [Yelp]

Sushi Ronin

2930 Umatilla St, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 955-8741 Visit Website