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Ambli Impresses With Global Fare; Bar Dough Rises in LoHi's Scene

The Virginia Vale restaurant explores the flavors of the world well while the new LoHi spot gains some buzz

Bar Dough
Bar Dough
Adam Larkey

Ambli received praise for its global fare and big flavors in the Denver Post's latest review. Tucked into a humble shopping strip, the Virginia Vale restaurant explores international flavors and dishes without travel restrictions. The spot offers dishes inspired by countries across Central America, Asia, and the Mediterranean. The Indian vegetarian platter pleased critic William Porter, while the tailored wine list and flatbreads earned special mentions. The steak chimichurri garnered praise for sliced tenderloin carefully balanced by avocado and the mushroom flatbread was simply deemed a "knockout."

LoHi's Bar Dough received a glowing review from 5280 Magazine, three and a half out of four stars. Standouts included the pollo al limone dubbed, which critic Scott Mowbray called a "masterpiece" that, paired with the sauce, "tasted like marbled pork from a fire pit." Despite occasional imperfection of the pasta, Bar Dough was called a positive addition to the burgeoning food scene in LoHi.

Bar Dough

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