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Western Daughters LoHi Shop Gets Burglarized

The original outpost of the butchery business lost a laptop and an ipad, in addition to other property damage

Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe LoHi
Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe LoHi

A popular butcher shop in LoHi, Western Daughters, found itself with a broken front door and stollen computer and ipad yesterday morning. While there were no cameras, owner Kate Kavanaugh explained that the glass on the front door was broken with a keg that was by the back door of the shop located at 33rd and Tejon.

Western Daughters announced the incident in a light-hearted Facebook post:

Due to a break in that occurred last night at the LoHi shop we will not be opening the shop until noon today in order to clean up the mess and reset. We appreciate your support and any inconvenience this may have caused.
Prevailing theory amongst all of us is that a disgruntled zombie lamb in the back broke out, stole a computer to find new skin on Etsy, and is currently running rogue in LoHi with no head. If you see it, please call us. We want it back.

Less than a month ago, several eateries were the subject of similar robberies, including Onefold in UptownIl Porcellino in Berkeley, and Snarf's Sandwiches at 38th and Sheridan. Two days ago, To The Wind was vandalized by anti-meat advocates that spray-painted the small East Colfax restaurant and wrote the words "Meat Is Murder" on its front door.