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Gastro-Pub Argyll Whisky Beer Calls It Quits in Uptown

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The nearly two year old restaurant is no more

Argyll Whisky Beer
Argyll Whisky Beer
Adam Larkey

Not yet two years old, gastro-pub Argyll Whisky Beer has shuttered its doors in Uptown Denver. Owner and restaurateur Robert Thompson chose to close to focus on growing his Punch Bowl Social restaurants both locally and nationally.

"While Argyll’s been a project close to my heart, it’s also been a challenge based on a variety of things including location, lack of parking and space issues," Thompson said. "Over the past several months we attempted to work with the landlord on building alterations but were unsuccessful. The closure will allow our team to focus on the Punch Bowl Social expansion and we’re pleased to be keeping the family together by offering all Argyll staff positions at Punch Bowl Social," he added.

With a first location in Denver that opened in November 2012, Punch Bowl Social now operates in six locations nationally (Austin, Portland, Detroit, Cleveland and Schaumburg, IL) and is slated to open three new locations this year in Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Denver. Additional locations slated for 2017 will open in Brooklyn, Sacramento, San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Phoenix.