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Beer Garden Suggested for Skyline Park

A nonprofit plans to open a beer garden this summer at the Downtown park

Skyline Park
Skyline Park

Beer garden seems to be the idea du jour and Downtown Denver Events Inc., the nonprofit branch of the Downtown Denver Partnership, aims to open one at Skyline Park this summer, according to BusinessDen. In an attempt to attract year-round visitors the the 16th Street Mall park, the space will alternate between a beer garden in the summer and the park's traditional winter ice skating rink.

Fred Weiss, the director of finance and administration for Denver Parks and Recreation, says the deal would open the garden seven days a week and allow contracted outside groups to operate the venture. Lowry Beer Garden and Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret are enlisted to help run the garden's food and beverage services.

A proposed outline of the beer garden displays a covered seating area and separate sections for games and a stage. While the beer garden will attract an older crowd, Weiss states that the proposed plan aims to attract visitors of varying age ranges.

"The park is still going to be open to the public regardless of whether or not anyone buys anything at the beer garden," said Weiss. "They're talking about some very mild kinds of concerts, entertainment and things that are very family-friendly activities on that block."

If approved and executed according to plan, the garden will open in July and close around the beginning of November. During subsequent years, it would open in mid-April.

Skyline Park

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