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Korean Barbecue Spot Opens Third Location on Broadway

Dae Gee is now dishing out its pig and more in Baker

Andra Zeppelin

A third outpost of the popular Dae Gee Korean BBQ is now open at 460 Broadway and table grills are part of the attraction. Set in what used to be a Family Dollar store, the home-grown mini-chain kept the decor contemporary-simple with black furniture, white walls, and a swag display case that all but forces you to buy as least some house-made barbecue sauce.

The food is the same traditional Korean fare that fans of the eatery have come to love. There are staples like L.A. Galbee (boneless short ribs) and Beef Bulgogi (thin-sliced ribeye beef) both marinated in the sweet garlicky soy-heavy Dae Gee barbecue sauce; Bee Bim Bop, steamed rice topped with sesame oil assorted vegetables, beef and a sunnyside up egg; and less meaty dishes like a must-have zucchini pancake.

The new location is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.