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Protein Bar Grows Denver Footprint with New Fast-Casual Concept

Thrive 360 will open in Downtown Denver later this summer

Thrive 360 Chicago
Thrive 360 Chicago
Courtesy of Thrive 360

The health-focused team behind Chicago-based Protein Bar, which has three Denver area locations, will open Thrive 360 Eatery in Downtown in July. A fast-casual concept, Thrive 360 will launch in a two-story, glass-enclosed space at 17th and Curtis. The 1,700 square foot spot will accommodate some 30 guests inside plus more on a patio and will feature clean contemporary decor, with wood fixtures and scenic murals of sun-scapes.

The first Thrive 360 opened last week in Chicago and the goal behind the sister concept to Protein Bar is to apply a more holistic approach to wellness and offer a culinary-driven menu that brings customizable dishes to a larger audience.

"We are really excited to bring this concept to Denver," said Julie Saliba, head of marketing for Protein Bar and Thrive 360 Eatery. "This is our way of reaching a broader demographic that appreciates a chef-crafted meal made with fresh ingredients. We want  to support our guests in their journey and to help them thrive whether they come in to eat our food for preference, dietary reasons, or lifestyle," she added.

The menu includes bowls of grains and greens, providing a heartier alternative than a salad, while still clean and balanced. Guests have the option of mixing and matching grains and greens with a variety of proteins and adding a selection of sides to complete the meal. Unlike the Protein Bar, calories are not strictly counted and dishes are served in a composed way, but the popular blended drinks from the original concept will be served here as well.

There will be no liquor license at Thrive 360 Eatery. Those seeking to socialize around a drink, however, will be able to enjoy Kombucha on draft and a variety of Kombucha-based "mocktails." This plays into the company's overall mission and offers those eager for alternatives to bars a healthier happy hour. The mocktails are created by mixing Kombucha with custom flavored ice cubes like honey cinnamon or pineapple.