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Anointed BBQ and Soul Food Sprouts in Former Country Time BBQ Home

There will be fried chicken and smoked meats

Future home of Anointed BBQ and Soul Food
Future home of Anointed BBQ and Soul Food

Anointed BBQ and Soul Food will open in the space that once housed Country Time BBQWestword reported. Those who lamented closure of the popular spot that dished amazing smoked shoulder, brisket and ribs can now look forward to a new eatery that will focus on fried chicken, fish and smokehouse offerings.

Since the old tenant closed the doors some 18 months ago, the space located at 2504 West Hampden Avenue has received several upgrades including a new roof, new paint, plus some structural touchups, and of course a sign announcing the upcoming attraction.

The story behind the eatery, as well as its owner, is compelling. The soon-to-open soul food spot is the brainchild of Marriese "Mo" Jones, a former homeless man who also runs Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries. The organization aims to support people who are experiencing hard times. Jones has already hosted charitable events at his new space.

When it opens, Anointed will serve Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Among the offerings, fried chicken, whiting and catfish as well as barbecued brisket, ribs, sausage and pork.