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Two Girls, a One-Man Show, and Fatherhood with Theo Adley

In honor of Father’s Day this week, we wanted to give you a personal look into the homes of Denver dads who work in the industry. Hint: they’re just like us. Kind-of.

Chef Theo Adley makes breakfast every morning for his two most important critics: his daughters, 5-year-old Althea and 2-year-old Luca. Their favorites are berries and cream, and eggs, respectively. "That little one can destroy an egg in the morning," says Theo with a chuckle. But those early mornings and breakfast together don't come without a bit of sacrifice.

"It's a one man show at RiNo Yacht Club right now," he explains. "I do all my prep and all my dishes. I took on all the accountability and responsibility, which I like. But that means there are two hours of clean-up to do on a Saturday night and I get home at 2 a.m. And I'm up at 7 the next morning to take care of the girls. But I look forward to it. I love seeing my family. They are so fun and bring me a party every day."

And party they do. His girls are full of life, and make even breakfast an event, complete with a tablecloth and a view. "They are funny as hell. I love their laughs."

"I assumed that fatherhood to be a certain boring friend, almost a monotony. But I never found that. They are just so fun. This life is a slow flash of light that gets brighter and brighter and faster and faster. It's a light of hope and beauty."

That light is something that helps Theo slow down outside the restaurant and see the big picture. "Being a chef and a dad is possible. I really like the work that I do and it's important for me to be creative in the kitchen and to have my outlet. If I wasn't a dad, I would probably work 7 days a week. But fatherhood brings real direction to my life. It's something I can watch and learn and grow with; it's the greatest gift of my life."

Theo Adley is head of the new food program at RiNo Yacht Club located in the Source. He lives in picturesque Boulder with his wife and two daughters. Previously, he worked at The Squeaky Bean and the Pinyon, a restaurant he owned in Boulder.

Disclosure: The editor is married to one of the developers behind The Source, the development in which the RiNo Yacht Club resides.

RiNo Yacht Club

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