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Barbecue, Burlesque, and Magic at Globe Hall

A look inside the wild meaty striptease filled night at this Globeville social house

On any given night that Globe Hall opens its doors, guests can run into all sorts of things at the dive, barbecue joint, and music venue. A week ago, one of those things was a fun-filled provocative burlesque show hosted by Fanny Spankings. On the stage that usually accommodates music bands, Colorado's top burlesque performers offered a hilarious, sexy and high energy variety show and vintage strip tease.

Set to blues, jazz, soul, funk and 60s rock, "Saucy" features acts by burlesque stars Gazella Galore, Champagne Shuga Nova, Prudence DeVille, Ariella May De Witt and DD Honeybee. World-Record Card Throwing Champion Roger Lopez added some fun to the mix with a display of his card-throwing prowess.

Eater contributor Rachel Greiman captured the evening in this photo gallery.

Globe Hall

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