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Meaty and Modern the Pig & the Sprout Started Serving

Eat hearty or eat light at this spot set behind the Union Station building

Andy Ganick, owner of Stapleton's popular Berkshire Restaurant, launched his second Denver venture, The Pig and The Sprout. Located at 1900 Chestnut Street, the new eatery features a playful menu that plays on the dual nature of the name - with both hearty and light items, from house-ground hamburgers to Colorado striped bass crudo, and from crispy buffalo pig tails to warm cauliflower and farro salad.

The kitchen is led by executive chef Rhett Clark, a South Carolina transplant and member of Mercantile Dining & Provision's opening team. Clark is committed to thoughtful sourcing, incorporating local ingredients whenever possible, such as La Popular tortillas, Aspen Ridge beef and Grateful Bread Company bread. The Pig & The Sprout also carries Gichee Boy grits in a nod to Clark's Southern roots.

"We're staying true to the polarity that our name suggests, by offering fare for carnivores and vegetarians alike, but in a way that's cohesive and mindful," said Clark. "While our menu is physically divided in two parts - the pig and the sprout - it reads harmoniously without the subdivisions as well."

The new restaurant also offers two nightly rotating specials, one light and one not-so-light, like a tofu French dip (served with IPA mustard and locally foraged mushrooms) and the Redneck (house-ground burger topped with ranch spread, a PBR-fried onion ring and bourbon ketchup). On the sweet side, there are things like pork-fat ice cream and avocado-fat ice cream once again playing on that meat-plant dichotomy.

Caleb Russell, formerly of Milk & Honey, created a list of 15 classic cocktails, complemented by 10-15 specialty cocktails, further categorized as "pig" or "sprout." Pig cocktails are more spirit-forward and intended to pair with heavier dishes, including a cocktail incorporating bacon-washed bourbon, apricot liqueur, and chocolate bitters. Sprout cocktails are fruity and refreshing, including a rum cocktail crafted with fresh sweet corn. One rotating cocktail will be available on tap, in addition to 20 beers and three wines.

The group-friendly space was designed by Sonoma-based interior design firm Sourced By Good and Patrick McMichael of MDS Architect, Inc. There are comfortable booths, live climbing vines, and a large bookcase stocked with antique books. A highlight is the natural moss letters spelling "Oink," which anchor the space and balance out concrete and steel elements. A mezzanine level, decorated with plush couches and an antique mirror, is ideal for private gatherings of up to 45 guests.

The Pig & The Sprout is open daily for lunch and dinner, with a weekend brunch to begin later this summer.