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Thai-Inspired Chaos and Cream Launched in Denver

Watching the ice cream get made never gets old

Chaos & Cream
Chaos & Cream

There is a new kind of ice cream in town: It comes from the a mobile cart, it is made to order, and it is mesmerizing to watch it come to life. Inspired by street ice cream carts in Thailand, partners Brian Rosen and Bernard Friedman launched Chaos & Cream in Denver as a mobile business.

The cart has two 18 inch compressor-powered surfaces cooled to -23 degrees Celsius or -10 Fahrenheit. The ice cream creators pick fun and/or fresh simple ingredients like strawberries or say...Oreo cookies or hot chocolate elements - and chop them up. They add fresh cream and begin to flatten the ice cream. From then on, the process is simply worth watching:

Chaos & Cream launched earlier this month at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market on Saturday. It has quickly expanding its hours to the Wednesday morning market in Cherry Creek, City Park and Stapleton on alternating Sundays, and the Greenwood Village market starting July, on Wednesday evenings. Over the 4th of July, the cart will help cool off Cherry Creek Arts Festival-goers. Private bookings are also an option.