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Chef Kyle Mendenhall Finds a Home at Arcana in Boulder

After 8 years at the Kitchen and a few months as a free agent, the popular chef joins a new team

Kyle Mendenhall
Kyle Mendenhall
Seattle Fish Co

Arcana, a restaurant that opened in Boulder earlier this year, just struck gold: Chef Kyle Mendenhall joined its team. After spending eight years leading the still-growing empire at The Kitchen, Mendenhall was unceremoniously let go at the end of February to the nearly audible sighs of the Denver dining community.  In May, the chef committed to leading the popular Meadowlark Farm Dinners but that was only a three-month summer gig.

Elliott and Annie Toan seized the opportunity and brought Mendenhall into their new business as partner and executive chef. "Everyone would be lucky to have him," Elliot said. "The kind of level-headed professionalism and management style he brings would be good for any business so we are lucky to have him," he continued. The chef is replacing Jordan Quidachay, who served as leader of the team since the Toans let opening executive chef Matt Lachey go in early April.

Chef Mendenhall will start at Arcana on July 7 and he expects to expand the menu over the following weeks.


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