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Italian Restaurant Il Posto Plans a Big Move into RiNo

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But fret not, chef Andrea Frizzi is not leaving his Uptown digs.

Andrea Frizzi
Andrea Frizzi
Il Posto

Since 2007, chef Andrea Frizzi has made loyal fans out of the diners that visited Il Posto, his Uptown restaurant. Now, the Italian chef whose cuisine focuses on dishes from Northern Italy is preparing to move the restaurant onto a larger stage in RiNo. "The time has come for the restaurant to grow not just for me but more importantly for my staff," Frizzi shared."We needed a different sort of environment to grow and I know that what we chose is the right thing for our future," he continued.

Late summer- early fall, Il Posto will relocate into a 3,500 square foot space at the corner of 26th and Larimer, neighboring spots like Sushi Rama and First Draft. The new venue has a 1,200 square foot mezzanine, a patio, an open kitchen, and a large bar that will give the upcoming venture the intimate feel that Frizzi aims to retain for his flagship eatery.

While Il Posto will leave its original home, Frizzi will keep the space at 2011 East 17th Avenue and is planning a remodel and restructuring. The chef did not share further details.

il posto

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