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The Inventing Room Grows with Dubai Outpost

Chef Ian Kleinman is taking his business to a different continent

Ian Kleinman at the Inventing Room
Ian Kleinman at the Inventing Room
Adam Larkey

The Inventing Room, a Willy Wonka-like shop created by chef Ian Kleinman, is going international. Kleinman, who opened his brick and mortar location in Ballpark last October, signed on the dotted line to expand in Dubai.

"We did the Dubai Festival a year and a half ago and we got a lot of interest in bringing our shop over there," the chef shared. "It is  a fairly complicated process to open a business in Dubai and that includes getting a sponsor., but we're there now. Our investors came and visited in Denver and we signed a shareholder agreement to move forward with the expansion," he added.

The Inventing Room will focus on drinks and desserts for the most part in it, as it does in Denver. The goal is to open a shop at the Dubai mall. Kleinman is headed to Dubai during the second week of July to look for kitchens and meet with clients.

Meanwhile in Denver, he is offering some great science and cooking classes for children. The classes are free but space is limited. Details are available here.

Inventing Room

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