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Everybody Panic: A Cat Bar Springs from Denver's Cat Cafe

Because wine and cats just go together

Denver Cat Company
Denver Cat Company
Kickstarter Campaign Site

Cat lady extraordinaire Sana Hamelin is a woman on a mission. After a successful year and a half in the Berkeley neighborhood operating the Denver Cat Company, the third cat cafe in the United States, she's ready to take things to a new level. "Many of our guests want to come in at night and have a glass of wine with friends at the cafe, so it makes sense that we'll give them a cat bar," Hamelin said. "I want this to be the first one in America. We'll have evening hours, a bar-like environment, and, of course, cats and wine," she added.

There is no location yet but Hamelin, a former attorney, is searching for space in neighborhoods like RiNo, East Colfax, and South Broadway. "The Bristol model is really the closest thing I can think of to what we want to do," she shared referencing a "cat pub" that opened in the UK last year. "Right now, we have to find a space, raise some money, and hopefully launch in full force by next March," she continued.

Kickstarter campaign was launched and offers fans rewards that range from early access and swag to naming rights inside the upcoming venue. Details are available here.

Denver Cat Company

3929 Tennyson St, Denver, CO (303) 433-3422