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Acorn's Burnt Ends Shine on Saturdays

Chef Bill Espiricueta thinks Colorado should have it's very own style of barbecue, and he plans on creating it

Every Saturday this summer, chef Bill Espiricueta is serving up plates of burnt ends, fresh off 20 hours in the smoker, for guests at Acorn.

"I'm actually working on my own barbecue concept, and they are allowing me to do some research and development here at Acorn," explains Bill. Though he can't tell us any specifics about when and where his place will open, we are more than optimistic about the quality of food he will be turning out based on this dish alone.

"I'm from Kansas City, and most of the barbecue here in Colorado lacks passion. Given my background, I have that passion for it and I want to bring it here. There are so many people from other places living in Denver that good barbecue is familiar to a lot of people."

Espiricueta believes Colorado needs it's very own style of barbecue, just like so many other states. He sees this burnt ends dish as the starting point for that style.

"It definitely has a heavy Kansas City influence, because that's where I'm from. There is a lot of rub on it, and the sauce is tomato based. But I threw in influences from Texas and the Carolinas as well with vinegar and a molasses flavor."

The meat is delicious on its own, but absolutely sings when dipped in the sauce. The edges have caramelized to perfection and the meat is fork tender. He serves it up with island red peas, coleslaw, and house-made pickles. "This is going to be my signature dish at the new place. Denver's food scene is missing something and it's this."

Get this dish on Saturdays until it sells out.


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