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Massive Pokémon GO Bar Crawl Planned in Denver

The Pokémon GO craze is a mile high over here

An innocent Pokémon GO bar crawl event on Facebook now has over 1,300 rsvps plus another 6k users who are "interested." Set for August 20, the event that was created last week aimed at connecting Pokémon GO fanatics with drinks that will supplement any calories lost when walking around town chasing the cultish pocket monsters. Part of the event listing shares this:

Union Station is one confirmed Gym. Keep your eyes open for more. Come with your squad and be ready to rage with fellow PokeAddicts.

Well now, this blew up rather quickly. This is a Freeform bar crawl. We'll have a few routes and meet up locations. Given the attendee count it sounds like this is going to be more a Denver wide meet up/take over. If anyone is a local business owner that would like to get involved, please reach out!

Some spots, like Scruffy Murphy's and a hotel bar on 15th and Stout, are trying to entice users with specials. Comments on the event page suggest a variety of meeting places where the monsters are plentiful like Illegal Pete's and Snarf's. Apparently, as a user shares, a gym can be found next to the Yard House in Downtown. The 1UP is a PokéStop, another user says. Iconic LoHi spot Little Man Ice Cream is a gym and the area is loaded with Pokéstops, another user shares.

An initial Pokémon GO meet-up will take place on Sunday, July 17, most likely at 2 p.m. at a TBA location. Follow the event details here. Based on the outcome and turnout of this, planning will be ironed out for the August bar crawl.

One other quick local option: a Pokémon GO pub crawl that will take place on Friday, July 15, starting at 7 p.m. in Colorado Springs. Details and info on tickets is available online.

A local company started Pokémon GO tours in Denver, shielding players from the elements in air conditioned vehicles driven by pro Pokémon headhunters. Pokehunting and driving are not compatible activities.

Where are you headed for your hunt?