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Late Night Pizza Spot Mary Jane's Has a New Location

The recently shuttered LoHi joint will start rolling the dough again later this month

Mary Jane's Pizza
Mary Jane's Pizza

Forced into closure by the sale of the massive Dickinson PlazaGreg Kennedy and David Llano, the owners of Mary Jane's Pizza, found themselves in a real estate pickle. The late night pizza kings now found new digs at 3090 Downing Street, Westword reported, where they will start slinging pies by the end of the month.

Mary Jane's was originally founded in Tulsa in 2002. It opened in LoHi at 32nd and Tejon in July, 2009 and became the it spot for the late-late night crowd serving from 11 p.m. until 4:20 a.m. At the new location, hours may expand and the lobby area will be bigger, providing a good spot to enjoy the baked goodies, of which there may be twice as many.