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Latigo, a Contemporary Mexican Restaurant, Now Dishes in Ballpark

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Chef Ignacio Leon is best known for Paxia and Los Carboncitos, ventures he established with brothers Cesar and Roberto

Courtesy of Latigo

What used to be Zi South on 22nd and Blake is now Latigo, a modern Mexican restaurant from chef Ignacio Leon. Best known for his involvement at Paxia and Los Carboncitos, which he owns with his two brothers, the Mexico City-trained Leon is excited about having a new stage for his sophisticated approach to traditional Mexican cuisine.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase authentic Mexican food in one of Denver's liveliest neighborhoods," said Leon of his location set at the border of Ballpark and RiNo. "Latigo's approach will be simple: to deliver fresh, high-quality cuisine that remains true to the traditions of Mexico," he added.

The menu includes classic dishes as Clayudas, an Oaxacan specialty that resembles a Mexican pizza and Pescado Veracruz, a seafood favorite that features a sauce of olives, tomatoes and jalapenos. Much of the menu will be based on Leon family recipes, which he mastered while cooking in his mother's kitchen.

The new restaurant has seating for up to 300 guests plus patio space for another 25. The name Latigo plays off the ropes that were a part of the space's original interior and refers specifically to the sturdy leather strap used to secure a saddle.

Latigo offers lunch and dinner seven days a week.