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Classy and Hip Bar The Way Back Stands Out

See what online reviewers are saying about this hot spot

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The Way Back
The Way Back
Adam Larkey

The Way Back, a swanky bar located on 38th Avenue at the edge of Berkeley and the Highlandsopened this past spring with quickly growing great reviews. Starting off with a clever cocktail program and a variety of classic wines, the bar has since added a variety of food options to its lineup. See what reviewers online are saying about the spot's new offerings.

The Simple Style News: The restaurant's old-school style stems from the trio's dedication to quality products. In an early report by 5280 Magazine, the Way Back's simple and striking decor added a "solid, well made quality" throughout the space. Bold, contemporary images ranging "from botanical close-ups to sun-showered farmland to swaying stalks of grain" peppered throughout the restaurant cultivates a unique style and sort of "Atlas Shrugged immediacy to [the space]." [5280 Magazine]

The Booze News: Launching as a cocktail bar, the Way Back has fine-tuned its drinks program over the recent months. The cocktail list emphasizes seasonal ingredients in succinct profiles of each drink "rather than a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients," according to Zagat. The global and eclectic wine list along with a variety of craft beer and cider selections round out the menu smoothly. The folks at Zagat contends that "[w]e love the ease and flow of it." [Zagat]

The Dish News: Reviewers on Yelp praise the assortment of seasonal small plates,entrees, and sweets for their polished execution and flavors. One reviewer proclaimed "[e]verything we ordered was AMAZING. They coursed it out very nicely so it wasn't rushed and we didn't have long lulls between dishes." In addition to the tailored presentation of the dishes, the reviewer surmised that all "were all plate-licking good and beautiful to look at." [Yelp]

The Neighborhood Gem News: Facebook reviewers welcome the addition of the hot spot to the Highland and Berkeley neighborhoods. One reviewer could hardly contain her excitement in a Facebook post: "I can't tell you how delighted we were to find this new neighborhood restaurant. This is the real deal. The food was fresh and fun! What a treat." Another reviewer proclaimed that she "love[d] everything about this place! What a gem!" [Facebook]

The Way Back

3963 Tennyson Street, , CO 80212 (970) 682-6888 Visit Website

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