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Uptown gained a hot and cozy new eatery this week when Coperta opened. Brainchild of dynamic brother-sister duo Paul and Aileen Reilly, the 115-seat space was designed by KD Fikso, who also imagined the Beast + Bottle interior. Over some seven months of renovations, the Reillys transformed what used to be Jonesy's into an Italian-country space composed to three rooms

Home accents from old-school decorative kitchenware, mirrors, and a maritime map were collected and designed throughout the process. From the entrance, a grand wooden bar with white marble tops greets guests and a doorway in the corner leads to a new 24-seat patio. Antique furnishings are met with chocolatey brown and sandy white accents that complement the exposed brick walls – a happy accident discovered during construction – and detailed tile floors, cohesively blending old and new. The tongue-in-cheek restrooms, found in the back of the third room, are themed with Spaghetti Western and Italian fashion posters.

Here's a look inside the beautiful space: