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An American Dream, La Choza Expands in Boulder on University Hills

Owner Ricardo Miramonte is seeing his dream become reality

La Choza on Broadway in Boulder
La Choza on Broadway in Boulder

La Choza, a modest family-owned North Boulder restaurant that also operates a food truck, is growing, the Daily Camera reported. Owner Ricardo Miramonte will launch a new outpost at 1203 13 Street on University Hills in the former residence of the Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe.

Miramonte, who left Mexico when he was just 16, has lived and worked in the Denver-Boulder area for 28 years. He became a legal resident two years ago and sees his business growth as a dream come true. His culinary career began in 2003 with a food wagon stationed in the humble Sinclair parking lot off of Diagonal Highway. Since then, he has opened a food truck at 47th and Pearl Street and a restaurant along Broadway in North Boulder.

The upcoming modestly sized 425 square foot space, which will have outdoor seating and a takeout window, will start serving this fall. Following the opening, Miramonte aims to open a commercial prep kitchen and eventually a third restaurant near Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

La Choza

4457 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80304 (303) 443-3103