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GoBistro Shutters Retail Shop, Focuses on Delivery Service

The health-conscious caterer will focus on its wholesale business


GoBistro has closed its retail store after a year in business at the Metlo complex, 1111 Broadway.

The gourmet grab-n-go shop and caterer will switch focus to wholesale accounts such as hospitals, hotels, and potentially the airport as well as Union Station.

"It's a really exciting move for us and one we did not expect," said GoBistro owner Colleen Eager. "We can reach more customers faster by focusing on a wholesale model."

Eager started GoBistro's delivery service in 2013 because she wanted "high-quality, fresh food that was convenient."

While the concept proved successful enough to open a physical store and to get her into corporate offices such as Janus Capital as well as four Centura Health hospitals, Eager said it would be too difficult to juggle both sides of the business moving forward.

"I didn't want to start losing quality in the retail outlet because we were focusing on wholesale," she explained.

For fans of the healthy breakfasts and lunches, Eager recommends similar local options, such as Frank Bonanno's SupperBellVert Kitchen, and FitFoods4U.

Go Bistro

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