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Sneak Peek: Bar Dough Raise the Brunch Bar

There is a tempura fried avocado BLT on the menu

When chef Max Mackissock opened Bar Dough last October, brunch was not among the offerings. As the restaurant quickly gained popularity in LoHi, it added Sunday brunch and dropped its weekday lunch service. Along with chef Blake Edmunds, Mackissock has given the initial brunch menu a very thorough shake. The new edition launches this weekend.

There are sixteen dishes to choose from (plus the eatery's whole lineup of pizzas) with classic and unusual options among them. On the sweet side, there is the overnight French toast, served with whipped Nutella and the Dutch, a wood-fired oven baked pancake that comes with seasonal fruit compote (raspberry right now), and whipped mascarpone. On the savory side, highlights include the pimento cheese dip, the eggs Benedicto, the buttermilk fried chicken, and the tempura fried avocado BLT.

Maybe you didn't think that pasta was what you needed for brunch, but the Cacio e Pepe on this menu will change your mind. Chef Mackissock showed off his technique for making the classic Italian dish on a Facebook Live video you can watch here. There is an egg on it, so it makes perfect sense for brunch.

Here's a look at the dishes you can sample starting this Sunday:

Bar Dough

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