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Hudson Hill Is Becoming a Cap Hill Favorite

Food writer and online reviewers are pouring in the praise for the newly opened bar

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Hudson Hill
Hudson Hill

The Afternoon Bite Vibes: The Capitol Hill hangout impresses guests with its casual and inviting atmosphere. Westword suggests that Denver diners stop by for a full afternoon of espresso, cocktails, charcuterie, and the unmissable inside-out-grilled cheese baguette, "a crusty, cheesy, buttery slab of grilled goodness." [Westword]

That Big City Feeling: Facebook users note Hudson Hill's laid-back yet classy feeling on par with cities that are known for skyscrapers instead of mountains. One online reviewer claims that the restaurant might "be the closest you get to a New York City bar in Denver. The ambiance is classy and comfortable and the delectable cocktails are composed with a kind of world-class sophistication." [Facebook]

The Unsavory Food News: While reviewers generally agree that the bar's drink selection - many prepared with fun mixologist tricks - is exemplary, guests can find one thing to disparage: the food. A Yelp reviewer found the current menu "pricey and very limited." However, citing the bar's developing nature, the diner maintains that they are "hopeful that they will be able to strike the right balance with the passage of time." [Yelp]

Available on Vinyl: Hudson Hill's daily cocktails are crafted to match with classic records acquired from Wax Trax Records. When 303 Magazine stepped in, bartender Danielle Solano paired James Taylor's Greatest Hits with her version of the Pimm's Cup, modified by palm sugar simple syrup, lemon thyme sprig, and Mahon gin. According to Caitlin Plante, while the drink was "[p]aired with James Taylor's Greatest Hits, there was really something in the way [Solano] moved." [303 Magazine]

The Rustic Sophisticated News: In an early review, 5280 Magazine remarks on the sophisticated yet eclectic style throughout the bar. Noting the windowed walls and rustic touches mingled with mid-century furniture, owner and New York native Jake Soffes purports the space as a "representation of what's going on in the city" and as "a snapshot of the present." [5280 Magazine]

Hudson Hill

619 East 13th Avenue, , CO 80203 (303) 832-0776 Visit Website

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