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The Most Secret and Exclusive Speakeasy Opened in Cherry Creek

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Just finding B&GC is an adventure for the kid at heart

B&GC stands for Boys & Girls Club. This is not where you take your kids for an after-school dance lesson, but rather where you take yourself and your grownup friends for a fantastic cocktail (or a few) served in a chic and mature atmosphere. B&GC is Denver's newest, most exciting, and ultra secret speakeasy.

The Halcyon, a hotel in Cherry Creek from Sage Hospitality, is where you will find the bar, that is, IF you find it. The elegant vintage room is hidden in the bowels of the building located at 245 Columbine, on a site that used to be a Post Office. The hotel is home to Departure, a hot new restaurant, and its rooftop counterpart, Departure Elevated, which joins the dining scene this week. There is no mention anywhere of B&GC, but guests of the hotel may be able to find out more about it during their stay. Outsiders will have a harder time, unless they become members, a process that, for now, remains a mystery.

Technical details aside, B&CG is a beauty. Its interior is dominated by a large center bar, flanked by rounded brown leather banquettes and chairs that embrace the room to the left and the right. It is open and intimate at the same time. The old-time inspiration comes through in the classic post WWII decor with a hint of Mad Men era and through the menu whose graphics and images reinforce that idea.

Those lucky enough to find it can sip on signature drinks, created by beverage director Brandon Wise and executed under the direction of Chris Cleary, whose previous bartending positions included Bar Fausto and the Squeaky Bean. Standard cocktails, think Old Fashioneds and Daiquiris, are also offered, as are wines by the glass (a selection that will please the French-loving oenophile) and bottles of beer. Posh and classy, B&GC offers a few classic bar bites like deviled eggs, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and of course, caviar.

Here's a look inside the menu:

And a peek at the space: