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Pot-Centric Symposium Unfolds on a Farm

Very few tickets remain available


The Inaugural Cannabis Symposium will take place tomorrow, Thursday, August 18 at the Lyons Farmette (4121 Ute Highway) from 5 to 10 p.m. Organized by Yellow Scene, a 16 year old publication, the event is not a pot-smoking fest, but rather a chance to discuss current issues that face our community in light of the many recent changes in cannabis legislation.

A diverse panel of speakers will be featured, including Truman Bradley (Marijuana Industry Group), William Porter (Starbuds) - Marketing, Dr. James Cohen (Holos Health) - Medical, Barbara Brohl (CO Dept. of Revenue) - Legal/Government, and Shavonne Blades (Yellow Scene) - Legitimizing the Industry.

Some sixty guests will have the chance to listen to the conversation and ask questions as they enjoy carefully passed appetizers, a buffet dinner, and three kinds of pie for dessert, alongside a variety of beverages. The event is 18+ and the consumption of marijuana is prohibited. Tickets cost between $45 and $60 and can be purchased online.

Here is the description of the event as shared by the organizers:

Yellow Scene is no stranger to taking a stance on tough issues. Throughout our 16-year history you will see that YS has been willing (and feel it is our responsibility) to use our power of the press to discuss the most important ideas in society. This can run from the political to the social (because we like to have fun too).

Observing the conversation around cannabis legalization, we realized a couple things:

1: That the industry would benefit from a combined effort repositioning it in the general public's mind.

2: That the industry needs to have events and marketing that support its legitimacy instead of painting it simply as an indulgent business.

So... taking all these ideas, we decided we can do some things locally:

1: We are hosting an event! The Inaugural YS Cannabis Symposium!

2: We are going to send out some cooperative marketing ideas for banding together.

The Inaugural YS Cannabis Symposium is currently planned for August 18th as a farm-to-table dining and educational experience followed by dancing.

There is nothing like this concept that we know of. The event will gather 60 people to enjoy great food and beverages with five guest speakers from the medical, legal and professional industries as well as leaders from the Cannabis Industry.

*This is not a consumption Cannabis event. Cannabis will not be permitted at the event.*