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The Vegan Van Returns to the Denver Food Scene

The first service will take place in 10 days

The Vegan Van
The Vegan Van

The popular Vegan Van, a plant-based restaurant on wheels previously owned by Amie Arias, is about to relaunch in Denver. Under new ownership but with the same vegan mission and some of the same dishes, the food truck will make its summer debut at Nooch | Vegan Market on August 28 to serve brunch and honor the fourth anniversary of the Baker market.

No schedule is set for locations yet for the Vegan Van and the menu, just as the website, is a work in progress but stay tuned on Facebook for updates from the new team that operates from the van named Bootsy.

Here's the announcement that was posted on Facebook about the return of the Vegan Van:

Hey friends! We're so excited to announce that we will be at Nooch | Vegan Market on August 28th for our first service this year!
We will not only be celebrating Vegan Van's rebirth, but also Nooch's 4 year anniversary! YAY NOOCH <3
Being that it is our first service, we are not sure what to expect... So if you plan to stop by please let us know here on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter - it would help us out a lot on our first go round.
Thank you everyone for all of the love. We can't wait to feed you. <3