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Vegan Bakery Make, Believe Opens in Cap Hill

Watercourse Bakery switches things up later this week

Make, Believe Bakery
Make, Believe Bakery
Courtesy of Daniel Landes

Make, Believe Bakery will open to the public at 214 E 13th Ave next door to City, O'City starting on Friday, August 4. Daniel Landes, who owns City O'City, has been baking treats and selling them to the public under the Watercourse Bakery name since 2004. Landes used to own Watercourse Foods as well, an Uptown eatery he sold last year. While he kept the Watercourse Bakery name, the committed vegan restaurateur found that it was time guests experience the bakery in a new and more focused way.

That's how Make, Believe was born. Under the new format, patrons will have a dedicated entrance and storefront from which they will be able to access the vegan confections and allergy-free creations. The bakery counter will offer baked goods, artisan breads, and coffee between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. seven days a week.