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Fried Chicken Emporium The Post Comes to Denver

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The official name of the coming attraction is new: The Post Chicken & Beer

Courtesy of Post Chicken & Beer

Restaurateur David Query is bringing his fried bird and beer goodness to the Rosedale neighborhood, in a spot located at 2220 South Broadway (between Evans and Iliff). The space, which has seen several eateries come and go, is in the process of being transformed into Post Chicken & Beer, an eatery that will open its doors in early October.

Guests should expect the same Colorado-style fried and roasted bird and medal-winning beer as The Post Brewing Company in Lafayette and its younger sibling Good Bird Kitchen in Longmont.

With the expansion to Denver, the restaurant group, The Big Red F, took the opportunity to rebrand the Longmont location. Launched in early January, that outpost will take a two day hiatus from September 6 to September 8 to undergo some small renovations (think changes in the signage) and will benefit from a fall menu update. When it reopens, it will be as Post Chicken & Beer.