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Before and After on a Neighborhood Corner: Cochino Tacos

The new restaurant is officially open

The former look of Cochino Tacos
The former look of Cochino Tacos

It was a old school gas station, then a newer gas station. And then, this site located at Hampden and South Downing sat empty and desolate for years to the dismay of a neighborhood that had no alternative but to look away from the blight.

Cochino Tacos opened its doors yesterday on that corner and the before and after photos of that spot speak best to the transformation. Contemporary and new, the reimagined building is a clean white with red accents, lined with a patio, flanked by green landscape, and decorated with two large murals, one facing Hampden and the other facing Downing.

Local design company LIVStudio collaborated with Cochino Tacos owner Johnny Ballen on the outdoor look of the vibrant new taqueria located at 3495 South Downing. Our preview of the restaurant gives details on the eclectic and fun-filled interior and the menu designed by chef Julian Smith.

Below is the "after' picture: