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Columnist Colleen O'Connor Struck and Killed in Car Accident

The 23 year old driver has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Colleen O'Connor
Colleen O'Connor
The Denver Post

Colleen O'Connor, a journalist who recently covered the local food and restaurant scene at the Denver Post, was struck and killed by a car, the newspaper reported. The accident took place on Wednesday, August 31 around 7:30 p.m., at the intersection of Speer Boulevard (eastbound) and Downing Street.

Initial reports had O'Connor walking or riding a bicycle across the street, but police said this morning in a news conference that no bicycle was involved and that the driver had a green light and the pedestrian was walking in the crosswalk against the signal.

That driver, 23 year old Jesus Carreno, is held without bond at the Denver city jail. He was arrested in connection with an investigation of vehicular homicide and is also under investigation for drunken driving. When the accident happened, Carreno drove about eight blocks before stopping and calling 911.

O'Connor, who joined the Denver Post in 2004, worked on a broad range of subjects from stories about Syrian refugees in Colorado to business and travel reports. A makeshift memorial at the place of the accident amassed flowers and condolences today.