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Celebrated Food Author Michael Ruhlman Spotted at Euclid Hall

He spent several hours there

For those obsessed with food and restaurants and ingredients, celebrities are people like Michael Ruhlman who was spotted on Friday, September 9 having a long relaxed lunch at Euclid Hall. At one point during his visit, he even went down in the basement to meet the butchers and prep cooks, the nice people you see here above with him. A highlight of his meal was the kielbasa and he was not shy about sharing his enthusiasm in the sausage.

Now counting some 23 books to his name, Ruhlman has also acted as a judge on the PBS reality show Cooking Under Fire and on The Next Iron Chef and has made appearances in shows hosted by his buddy Anthony Bourdain. We’re not sure why he’s in town but it’s great to see him choosing to visit one of Denver’s best meaty spots that we’d recommend for lunch, dinner, and even late night.

Euclid Hall

1317 14th St, , CO 80202 (303) 595-4255 Visit Website