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The Iconic Carbone’s Is Back With the Monkey Barrel

Hello amazing meatball sandwiches!

The shutter of Carbone’s three years ago was a local culinary tragedy, but thanks to the fine folks at the Monkey Barrel, the Italian-inspired sandwich creations of the Lonardo family are back on the market.

Last week, the Monkey Barrel opened its doors with a first phase of its venue at 4401 Tejon Street, the bar and kitchen, which is where the Carbone’s piece comes into play. Tony Lonardo, the son of the Nick and Rosa, the original owners of Carbone’s, is running that part of the program at the Monkey Barrel and his menu is much like the one his parents had on 38th Street. There are hot meatball and Italian sausage sandwiches, there are several cold sandwiches like the Italian Combos, plus there are some things Carbone’s didn’t have before like onion rings, hot wings, and several salads. Plus, because of the collaboration with the Monkey Barrel, there are a variety of boozy options to complement the eats.

When a cabaret license is secured from the City of Denver, something that has caused some contention in the neighborhood, owner Jimmy Nigg plans to extend his venue with more space for dining and live music.

The Monkey Barrel serves daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.