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New Godfather's Pizza Outpost in Thornton Leaves Diners Disappointed

Check out what the online community is saying about the Thornton restaurant after its 20 year absence from the area

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Godfather's Pizza in Thornton
Godfather's Pizza in Thornton

The Fast Fading Hype: Locals have waited eagerly for months for the Thornton branch to open but many diners found that the suburban pizzeria fails to live up to the hype. One Yelp user compared the pizza to "Little Caesars" with a "very weird,over processed crust" that they claimed "looked almost the same as it did when I picked it up" after left sitting on a counter throughout the night. Ultimately, the guest surmises that "[t]here's nothing special" about the restaurant. [Yelp]

The Pizza Update: Old fans of Godfather Pizza are grateful that the infamous specialties like the "Taco Pizza" are still on the menu - and as delicious as they remember. One online reviewer ecstatically praised the pie as the "[b]est taco pizza in the world" and claims it was "[j]ust as I remember back in high school! Heaven!!" Another Facebook user gladly welcomed back the pizza he considered "[s]ome of the best pizza around! I am so happy that there is one in the area again!" [Facebook]

The Not-So Stellar Service News: While fans have longed for the original Godfather's pizza combinations, numerous visitors to the new Denver outpost chastise the "terrible" service. One Facebook reviewer wrote that the "[p]izza took over an hour fifteen minutes to get. Drinks took 20 mins or more to get. I'll stick with Old Chicago or Beau Jo's." Another lamented that the franchise is "[o]verpriced" and has "terrible service," eventually asserting that "[t]here are better pizza places in Colorado than this." [Facebook]

The Atmosphere News: Many customers share their stories of discomfort and frustration with the restaurant's atmosphere across social media. A Yelp reviewer state that "[f]rom the moment [she] walked in, it was all downhill." Confronted early on by "a lady yelling at everyone," the diner felt there was "no direction  to how to order or what to do." While she did like the food, the former customer declared that she will "never come in again." [Yelp]

Godfather's Pizza

2350 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 (303) 920-1515