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Mead Street Hosts Fundraiser for Stabbing Victim

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The Highland bar is working on helping the injured man


Ten days ago, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in the Highland, a man had his throat slid at Mead St. Station, a neighborhood bar in the Highland. It was a shocking incident that left the victim, a regular at the bar, with serious injuries. An arrest was made, but no additional information on that process has been made available.

The good news is that Brian, the victim, has fully recovered and has already been back into to Mead Street to hang with old pals. Paul Burke, the owner of the bar, is working on helping with Brian's medical expenses in several different ways. Last Saturday, a community fundraiser brought in $1,200. Mead St. is also donating 100% of the proceeds from the three Wynkoop beers - Saison de Seigle, Mile High Pale Ale, and Black Lager, until the kegs run out.

In addition, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up, with the goal of raising $5,000. Here are the details:

Look up the definition for "savant" and you will find the definition "a learned scholar" or "person of profound wisdom". Rest assured, Brian is almost...ALMOST...a savant. If you need advice on how to raise the most most striking sunflowers on the block, fix a broken porcelain sink, replace a rattling front differential or perhaps drop reverse wound pickups in a classic Gibson Les Paul on the cheap, Brian is your man. This GoFundMe account is a call to arms for all of the thankful advice-takers to help our dear friend and neighbor out with unforeseen medical expenses. Thomas Merton famously penned, "No man is an island." Please, for all of times he has helped us, let us support a beloved member of our community by donating.