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Look Inside the Renewed Tiki Emporium Adrift

It is back in full swing on South Broadway

Denver's only dedicated tiki bar, Adrift, reopened last weekend with a fresh look, new ownership, and a spruced-up menu that is more focused on providing an authentic Polynesian experience even on this corner of South Broadway.

The menu divides cocktails into regular ones and frozen. There are Daiquiris and Mai Tais and Hurricanes and Fog Cutters on the non-frozen list and delicious new additions like the Coconda, served in a coconut, on the frozen side. There are also four shareable cocktails on the list, with the Scorpion Bowl being a highlight. There is wine and beer as well on the menu, with plenty of options for those who want to skip the hard booze.

The food menu, led by chef Shaun Motata, a Hawaii native, offers small plates, burgers, pu pu platters, and a Hawaiian mixed plate. Highlights include the green papaya salad, the Kilauea poke, and the tempura onion rings. Two different pu pup platters give a meaty and pescatarian-friendly options.

Eater photographer Adam Larkey is taking you on a photo tour of the new Adrift.

Need more great island-inspired news? Ohana Island Kitchen is opening a brick and mortar location next month; details here.


218 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (303) 778-8454 Visit Website