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New Brewery Lands in Santa Fe Arts District

Sojourner's Brewing Project will open its doors early in 2017


Two local brewers, Andrew Moore and Benjamin Gettinger will open Sojourner's Brewing Project in January, 2017, BusinessDen reported. The coming attraction will be located in a 2,400 square foot former laundromat and convenience store space at 925 W. Eighth Avenue, near the Santa Fe Art District.

Moore, who will serve as head brewer, will have a seven-barrel brewing system, plus fermenters capable of holding about 42 barrels of beer and 56 barrels of bright tank to work with. The 30 year old currently works at 105 Brewing Co. in Castle Rock and has previous work experience at Castle Rock Home Brew Supply and Boulder Beer Co.

Sojourner's Brewing Project hopes to start construction on the space in October and start brewing beer in December. The plan is to open to the public in January 2017 with 12 to 16 beers on tap, including some unique recipes with ingredients like basil, garlic, dates and apricots.