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Look Inside Voicebox, RiNo's Hot Karaoke Emporium

Sing like no one can hear you - or like only your chosen friends can hear you

Letting loose and singing your heart out within the confines of a private karaoke suite is now a real possibility in RiNo as Voicebox officially opens its doors tonight. A Portland-based company, Voicebox combines technology with great design, which at the Mile High City outpost was executed by LivStudio. The two-fold beauty of the new venue is the variety of sizes in the ten private rooms and the fact that you can pre-select your songs based on your preferences and you will find them all ready for you.

Eating and drinking while partying here are encouraged. The well-edited food menu is broken down into skewers, dippers, salad cups, sliders, and dessert. When it comes to booze, there are several signature cocktails to choose from plus wine, sake, draft beer and bottled beer. A selection of non-alcoholic beverages is also available.

Eater photographer Adam Larkey takes you on a photo tour of the new space located at 2601 Walnut Street.