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Oven Explosion Temporarily Shutters The Goods

Only one person was injured and he is in stable condition


Brand new spot The Goods is temporarily shuttered after a small explosion from the wood burning oven which took place on Friday, September 23. The restaurant's sous chef suffered first and second degree burns but he is in stable condition and recovering.

As the explosion happened, sprinklers went off and the entire complex, including the Tattered Cover and the SIE Film Center were closed. All businesses are back to normal except for the restaurant which expects to reopen later this week.

This announcement was posted on the restaurant's Facebook page:

A huge shout out to our staff and customers for being absolutely extraordinary this evening. We had a small explosion in our kitchen this evening causing first and second degree burns to our awesome sous chef Josh. He is being taken care of and will be fine. We will make sure he recovers completely. Sprinklers went off and the entire complex was shut down by the fire department. Our staff stayed behind to clean up and our customers made sure their checks were paid and offered their support. We will be closed until late next week, but are so appreciative of this amazing community. Thank you! We will keep you posted.