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Chef Enrique Socarras Takes Over Crave

The longtime chef spent the last year at Revelry

Enrique Socarras
Enrique Socarras

Longtime Denver chef Enrique Socarras has left Revelry, a breakfast and lunch eatery that he helmed since its opening one year ago and took over the stoves at Crave. The Downtown restaurant opened in November 2011 as a next-door dessert-focused companion to the Organic Pizza Company. At one point, the two businesses, both owned by Allen Milham and Darrell Naughton merged into Crave and the menu expanded significantly. Now, a new owner and a new chef are shaking things up.

"John Lewis, who now owns Crave, sees the potential in this space and so do I," the chef shared. "We have already streamlined the menu and next week we will launch a brand new menu that refocuses on the original concept here, which was interesting savory food and really great desserts," he added.

Socarras is really excited to get back to creating dinner-centric dishes. The restaurant will continue to serve lunch, dinner, and brunch, and it is preparing to also launch a late-night menu.

Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge

891 14th Street Suite 110, Denver, CO 80202