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Puerto Rican Restaurant El Coqui Opened its Doors

Hello carne frita, pernil asado, and chuletas can can

El Coqui
El Coqui

El Coquí d'Aquí, a brand new casual Puerto Rican eatery, opened its doors at 2236 South Colorado Boulevard this week, Westword reported. A five year old food truck gone brick and mortar, the business is owned by husband and wife team Alex and Diana Rivera.

The space, which formerly housed Morning Side Cafe, has been transformed into a bright and cheerful space with elements that remind patrons of the beach. The quaint dining room can accommodate 28 guests with seating at tables and two bar-height counters.

The food is directed by Diana who expanded the food truck's menu and dialed in the traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. On the menu, guests will find carne frita (fried), pernil asado (slow-roasted) and chuletas can can (pork chops), as well as plantains, rice and beans, plus some seafood-centric dishes and appetizers called alcapurrias.

Lunch and dinner are served Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. A liquor license is in the works.