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Uno Mas
Uno Mas

Patrick Mangold-White, the man behind Uno Mas Taqueria, is expanding that brand. A new location of the modern taco spot that first launched on Old South Pearl in 2013 will open in November at 730 East Sixth Avenue. The space was home to Lime Xs for a decade. At the end of March, owner Curt Sims closed and rebranded as $5 Buck Drinkery but now even that is gone for good.

"We love the neighborhood and we think that our concept will do well here," Mangold-White said. "It will be the same as what we have at our first location and we should be up and running in early November."

Mangold-White, who also owns Kaos Pizzeria and part of Gaia Bistro (which is being pushed out of its location), already had a big year. In early May, he opened Mas Kaos, a joint pizza and taco concept that calls the Berkeley neighborhood home.