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Pot-Infused Coffee May Be the Newest Trend

An upper and a downer, brewed in perfect balance


Two Boulder County start-ups are working on infusing coffee beans with marijuana, according to the Daily Camera. There are two approaches to this: Louisville-based Native Jack is canning a cold brew, Thai style beverage with spice, condensed milk and cannabis. Up the road in Boulder, SteepFuze infusing beans, having them roasted by Unseen Bean founder Gerry Leary and selling them by the pound to consumers.

Because both products are only infused with the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) which comes from hemp, the only effect of consuming coffee in this new way is that a less-jittery aftermath of your caffeine intake. It is possible that caffeine-induced headaches will go away because of the CBD's anti-inflammatory properties.

Head shops and medical dispensaries, including Longmont's Greenhouse Hydrophonis and High Society, will soon carry SteepFuze. Native Jack will retail at the area Alfalfa's. Both are selling online for a pretty penny: $75 per pound for the SteepFuze beans, $10 for a can of Native Jack.