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Sneak Peek into American Grind, Opening at Avanti

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The Way Back partners reinvented their food truck to join the collective eatery.

American Grind will be open for business this Monday, January 16.

Co-owners Kade Gianinetti and Jared Schwartz originally opened this concept as a food truck in 2014. "We were both working at Linger at the time and on my last day, I shook his hand and said, 'Are we doing this?' And then we did," explains Gianinetti.

They roamed around on wheels, selling sustainably sourced burgers and sandwiches for almost two years before getting the opportunity to open The Way Back. That pushed the pause button on American Grind, until now.

"Avanti makes sense to us because it's seen as this kind-of incubator for ideas. It gives us access to so many people coming through, without all the crazy expenses from a brick and mortar," says Gianinetti.

And without that overhead, they can continue to do what they do best: sell food that they can feel good about without charging more than $10 for it.

"This is all from a regional food system. Our rolls come from Rolling Pin Bakery in Five Points, our meat comes from Western Daughters and Tender Belly. Our mission is really to break away from the national food system and to eat regionally."

That mission extends beyond just supporting local purveyors: "It may sound lofty, but we want to change the way people eat and help them understand the true cost of food. There is a reason we buy grass fed and finished beef. If we would be lucky enough to open more of these, the food would be different at each location because we would always source things regionally."

There's more than burgers though. They have a veggie burger option, as well as a fried pork tenderloin sandwich and fresh cut french fries. And be sure to read this sentence: do not skip the ice cream. They make it from absolute scratch, and we'll give you an insider tip that there is cream cheese involved.

American Grind will fill the burger-shaped hole at Avanti, rounding out an impressive array of options. Try the burgers yourself every day of the week, starting at 11 a.m.

Avanti F&B, a collective eatery

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