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No More Booze at Starbucks

Several Colorado locations had obtained liquor licenses and served wine and beer

Andra Zeppelin

As of today, January 11, some 400 Starbucks locations that served beer and wine across the country have ditched the booze, as the Seattle Times first reported. That includes several Denver area spots with Cherry Creek and Larimer Square among the most notable. Other locations in places like Commerce City and Highlands Ranch also took part in the program.

It was in the summer of 2015 that the mammoth coffee corporation launched what it called Evenings, which offered wine and beer as well as a small selection of tapas daily starting at 4 p.m. Beer, wine and spirits will be integrated in other outlets of Starbucks which the company refers to as high-end Reserve stores.

The tapas are gone now but other food items are added to the mix, including the sous vide egg bites offering, a bread-free breakfast option to please the low-carb crowd, which will all make their appearance on the menus next week.